Eddie Fieg is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Chicago, Illinois!

Lillstreet Art Center is a Chicago art center that offers artist residency programs, an art gallery, studio space, as well as art classes for both adults and kids.

This is an unused submission for a t-shirt design competition for Lillstreet's textiles department. 100 t-shirts will be hand-printed for a limited edition sale. As such, the white color allows for easy and tasteful reproduction on a variety of t-shirt colors and styles.

The playful, abstract hand-drawn shapes, the hand-written type, and the human hand reinforce Lillstreet's central mission: creating things with your hands! The index finger and thumb of the hand also create an "L" for Lillstreet. The six-pointed star drawings (a reference to the Chicago flag) represent Lillstreet's presence in Chicago since 1975.

Eddie's Role: Apparel Illustration