Eddie Fieg is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Chicago, Illinois!

In a massively crowded field, a podcast's brand strategy plays an integral part in attracting and building an audience.

To attract listeners, podcast logos must be legibile at small sizes for different digital platforms. Big, simple type; strong color contrast; and direct visuals go a long way to convey the content and tone of a podcast.

Eddie's Roles: Brand Identity Development, Logo Design, Digital Illustration

Conquered 4 Life

On Conquered 4 Life, singer-songwriter Christopher Ford (Christopher the Conquered, Maximum Ames Records) and co-host Chris Biagini (aka "The Genie") discuss the music business with a variety of guests.


Ponytail Dads

Ponytail Dads is a light-hearted rock music roundtable discussion podcast in association with Rocknuts.net. The podcast name pokes fun at the prototypical record collecting, classic rock-loving "old dad rocker" archetype.